In Kharkiv, doctors arranged a “Magic cure” for children

Doctors of pediatric cardiac surgery in Kharkiv have found a new approach to their young patients. The idea of a photo shoot in the images of cartoon characters appeared when it was necessary to think of something to hang on the walls of the hospital in the new building for angiography , told the director of the charity fund of cardiology and cardiac surgery on her Facebook page.
Now the children are surrounded by Megamind and his team: Hatter, Disney Princess, Smurf, Kung Fu Panda, Fiona and other fairy-tale characters.
“Americans always play with the kids on the floor. Europeans will not pass by on the street, without giving a smile to a child. In Israel, the hospital clowns are a daily, commonplace. Let our patients perceive a hospital visit as a journey into a fairy tale. Well, at least a little bit “- explains the author of the idea and the photographer Kira Jafarova.

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