Tube for angiograph


The required amount: 11 000 UAH


What is the “Angiograph” and why is it necessary?

“Angiography” is a method of contrast X-ray examination of the heart and blood vessels, when using special catheters in blood vessels contrast agent is injectedand X-ray image of blood flow is takenin real time. It helps to accurately identify various heart and vascular diseases, for many diseases, angiography is a “gold standard” diagnostic. Angiography is performed on a special machine – angiograph.


In recent decades, angiograph transformed from a purely diagnostic tool into a powerful therapeutic weapon of modern medicine. With angiograph the so-called endovascular surgeries (intravascular, i.e. without cuts in the skin)are performed,for example, coronary stenting, balloon dilation (the expansion by means of special cartridges) of heart valves or blood vessels, closing defects in cardiac septa using occluders and many more. Modern angiographs are the basis of the heart catheterization laboratory, where in addition to angiograph there are a lot of other equipment for monitoring, anesthesia, laboratory and intravascular studies, etc. Cardiac catheterization lab is essentially a real operating room, where endovascular surgeriesare performed.

Electron beam (X-ray) tube is a crucial part of angiograph, wherenecessary X-rays are induced.

The great part of work of cardiac surgery centeris based on angiograph.

During active military actions,the X-ray tube went out of service. The resources depleted from the non-stop surgeries. The cost of the new tube is 40 thousand euro(angiograph is an expensive thing).

In Kharkiv center of cardiac surgery the X-ray tube of the angiograph went out of service, being a key mechanism for the work of this apparatus. The resources depleted, the tube cannot be repaired. Cost of equipment is 40 thousand euro.



Image-Electron beam tube

Image-Justified price“P H Service” company

Collected 755932,65UAH and 495,50 RUB

The electron beam tube has been purchased and installed (photo, invoice with payment)

Congenital heart defects are #1 “child homicide” №1.

Congenital heart disease (CHD) is a major cause of neonatal mortality in developed countries, taking more children’s lives than all pediatric oncology put together. CHD prevalence is 0.8 – 1% of all newborns. Early infant mortality rate in Ukraine is 15 ‰, whereas in Germany, for example – 4%. Above all, this difference is caused by mortality from congenital heart disease.

About half of all children with CHD are in need of surgical treatment in childhood, and 30% of them – require surgery during the first month of life. Natural mortality in childhood (i.e. with no surgery) for all CHD is more than 40%, completed on time operation can reduce this figure by 10 times, to 4%.
Thus, surgical treatment is the most effective treatment for heart disease and has no alternative today.

However, surgeries on heart are among the most expensive ones, since their implementation requires both expensive equipment and high-tech disposable supplies, such as an oxygenator or valved conduit pulmonary artery. Also in recent years, endovascular surgery became popular for treatment of some CHD, based on the fact that the defect correction is performed with intravascular access, i.e. without a surgical incision, by implantation of special devices – occluders or stents into the heart or major vessel, or dilation of narrowed valves and vessels with special cans.Such operations are less traumatic and greatly reduce the risk of perioperative complications; however, implantable devices are also very expensive.

Budget funding, designed, according to the Constitution, to guarantee free medical care, today is not able to provide children in need of operations with consumables, especially those for endovascular interventions.

The reasons for such a disastrous circumstances are generally obvious and their explanation is now meaningless. The main question is what to do? How to ensure the child’s right to life and equal access to quality health care? How to help the survival of the industry – pediatric cardiac surgery and cardiology?

Again, hope is for our civil society, that is trying to keep away from depression, does not beat in hysterics “we lost everything” (though there are many of such), and selflessly helps army, refugees, the wounded and sick, solving the problems unmanageable for the government.
And when it seems that the efforts and resources have gone, suddenly there is someone new, who pushes the flywheel and it starts to rotate with renewed vigor. This happens in every volunteer group.

We had the same situation when the X-ray tube went out of service and after a couple of months of bureaucracy in governmental structures we received no help. Almost in desperation we asked our friends – Alexander Kolb, Margo Berger, Tatiana Bedniak, Ian Kovalenko, Victoria Milutinafor help. They created a social project and collected the required 700 thousand UAH to buy a tube for 10 days!!! The smallest contribution was 5UAH! I do not know who made it, but it is almost certain that for this person the 5 UAH were not just lying around in the pocket. And this contribution is perhaps the most valuable, because it is absolutely clearly reflects the tremendous changes taking place in our Ukrainian society.

People began to help each other! Not for PR, not before the election, not saying – “I pay all the taxes, get away”, but simply helping of compassion for one’s neighbor. We will survive and become stronger and better!

Glory to Ukraine!

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