The second angiograph for the center. Funds for repairs


Collected: 100 000 UAH


Colleagues from the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine (Prague, Czech Republic) and Czech division of Medtronic gifted angiograph to our center. Apparatus wasdeliveredand is stored in the center.

This angiographic unit operated in ICEM in Prague as part of the electrophysiology laboratory of Professor Kautsner. The device was used for a short time and is in excellent condition. Now the Czechs have bought a new model, and Phillips service engineers uninstalled and packed this one. The price of this device is about one million euros (for a new unit) and it was delivered to Kharkiv.

Kharkivhas an opportunity to make a complete angiographic operating unit with two devices of such a kind. Actually, it is a worldwide practice. It allows not to wait for the available operating room, in case there is an emergency, and to perform interference immediately. Also, if there is a need for service maintenance of one of the devices work does not stop.
However, to install the device it is necessary to repair the room in accordance with technical specifications. It is a long and costly project. Technical specifications – the project – estimates – construction – installation of the device. Nevertheless, we start the project, because there is simply no other way. And again, we are counting on your help!

Despite the difficult economic situation, we were able to start the construction works. In early summer, with the help of the fund Chernobyl Children International, Meditradecompany and individuals’ donations we were able to collect more than 1.5 million UAH. The reconstruction project has been prepared in accordance with technical specifications and the work has begun. Today, almostall the demolition work has been done,floors has been flooded, partitions set, wiring got through,windows replaced and the corridor almost completed. The total estimate of construction works amounted to 2 million UAH.

In addition, we need to get a separate 10 kW electrical branch to install and set-up the angiograph. We do not know yet how much it will cost. Currently we are holding talks on this subject.

Thus, to complete the construction works we lack about 400 thousandUAH.

I.V. Polivenok

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Kira Dzafarova

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