Little Ginghis

Genghis. 4 years old. Such a clever-cutie. You can talk with him as with an adult. He has his own opinion about everything. Asks a million questions.


Kate is 6 years old

Kate is 6 years old. The fact that the girl has a congenital heart defect her parents learned a month after her birth.


This is Ivan

This is Ivan. He is now 5 months. He’s smart and has an adult look. And back in September he weighed 1.47 kg and had an aortopulmonary window.


Today, Ilia visited the department

Today, Ilia visited the Department. Surely, with his mother. He was born 8 months ago with transposition of the great vessels. What does it mean?


Dima Geidyk

This is Dima Geidyk whom we all were helping 4 months ago. He arrived for a planned consultation from the child’s home. So long everything is ok. Thank you all for taking part in his life!!