Save little hearts.

Every year about two hundred children are born with congenital heart defects in Kharkiv region.

In addition to them there are IDPs and children from the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. For many of these kids the surgery is the only chance for surviving. The team of Kharkiv Center of Cardiac Surgery successfully operate on such children. 200 – 250 surgeries on children’s hearts a year. Because of financial crisis the hospital is permanently in short of supplies (oxygenators, hemoconcentrators, introducers, catheters, occluders and other high-tech medical products) and try to cover that gap with a support of Charity Foundation for Development of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery.

During the last 3 years the Foundation has collected 4 million grivnas, which were spent on the remodeling of the operating room and catheterization laboratory, purchasing the necessary equipment and supplies for pediatric cardiac surgery. We need financial support to save the children! To establish the pediatric heart surgery program is extremely difficult, expensive and time consuming. But to destroy it in the shortage of public financing – easy and quick.
We have no right to deprive our children of the opportunity to receive quality medical care!