Provision of surgery consumables


Collected: 150 000 UAH


The program to provide consumables for surgeries on congenital heart disease in childrenin Kharkiv region.

Congenital heart disease (CHD) is a major cause of neonatal mortality in developed countries. CHD prevalence is 0.8 – 1% of all newborns. Early infant mortality rate in Ukraine is 15 ‰, whereas in Germany, for example – 4%. Above all, this difference is caused by mortality from congenital heart disease.

About half of all children with CHD are in need of surgical treatment in childhood, and 30% of them – require surgery during the first month of life. Natural mortality in childhood (i.e. with no surgery) for all CHD is more than 40%, completed on time operation can reduce this figure by 10 times, to 4%.

Thus, surgical treatment is the most effective treatment for heart disease and has no alternative today.However, surgeries on heart are among the most expensive ones, since their implementation requires both expensive equipment and high-tech disposable supplies, such as an oxygenator or valved conduit pulmonary artery.

Also in recent years, endovascular surgery became popular for treatment of some CHD, based on the fact that the defect correction is performed with intravascular access, i.e. without a surgical incision, by implantation of special devices – occluders or stents into the heart or major vessel, or dilation of narrowed valves and vessels with special cans.Such operations are less traumatic and greatly reduce the risk of perioperative complications; however, implantable devices are also very expensive.

Budget funding today is not able to provide children in need of operations with consumables, especially those for endovascular interventions.
Thus, the implementation of a charity program to provide consumables for surgeries on congenital heart disease in children in Kharkiv region has undoubted social significance.

The aim of the program is: to providechildren in need of CHD surgery with expensive consumables by raising extrabudgetary funds in order to maintain access to modern medical care to all children with CHD in Kharkov region.

Ways of implementation of the program:

  • collection of charitable donations from individuals and organizations;
  • purchase of necessary consumables – oxygenators, valve-containing conduits, artificial heart valves, endovascular occluders, stents and balloons, in accordance with the needs identified by cardiac surgery department of SE “V.T.Zaytsev Institute of General and Emergency Surgery of the NAMS of Ukraine “;
  • provision of necessary consumables to those, who need them according to the request to provide charitable assistance and medical evidence from the hospital on the need for concrete operations.

Monitoring of the implementation of the program is carried out through open publication of information on the amount of funds raised and acceptors of charitable aid to the Internet resources as well as we provide the necessary information to interested parties on request in accordance with applicable law.
The term of the program is uncertain and will depend on the situation with the budget financing of medical institutions.

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