Questions and answers

Whether volunteering is compensated?
While many employers compensate private time of employees with vacation, the majority of our medical volunteers are happy to spend their weekends to help achieve our goals. Grateful children, their smiles, tears, happy parents, and the added value of learning a difficult, but a rewarding profession is the best compensation for the time and effort.

How can we be sure of the intended use of funds?
Charitable Foundation “Development of cardiology and cardiac surgery” is a non-profit organization. Administrative costs of the fund amounts not more than 3%, which is significantly below the normal level for such organizations. Bank transfers are made to the bank account of the commercial bank “PrivatBank”. To ensure in the intended use of the funds you can contact the Director of the Fund, and request all the necessary documents. We also invite you to our center to explore its activities. If desired, you can provide targeted assistance to the patient.

Can I provide a non-financial help?
Sure, you can. The center is constantly in need of assistance related to its activities. There is always a need to repair the premises, provide comfortable living conditions for medical staff and patients. We also welcome the active assistance in fund-raising, assistance with funds, grants, activity among the media.

Why the government does not provide funds for the center?
The government provides the center with primary medicine. Unfortunately, these funds are not sufficient to ensure the normal functioning of the center, as the costs are calculated by millions of UAH per year only on the drugs and medicines required for operations. The center often takes patients from the children's homes, families who are unable to provide sufficient funding for the purchase of medicines. This problem is solved by our fund, partially or completely offsetting financing of surgeries.