About the foundation

Charity Foundation "Development of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery" was established in Kharkiv in March 2013.

Our goal – is to reduce mortality and disability due to cardiovascular diseases in Kharkiv region by improving the level of cardiac surgery and cardiac care to the population, enhancing its quality and accessibility.

Our tasks:


  • 1

    Fundraising for the purchase of equipment, supplies and medicines necessary for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases of children and adults.

  • 2

    Provision of cardiology and cardiac surgery departments with modern medical-diagnostic equipment.

  • 3

    Provision of patients with cardiovascular disease expendable materials and medicines for medical or surgical treatment.

  • 4

    Conduction of media companies to promote a healthy lifestyle, the prevention of cardiovascular disease, and modern methods of treatment.


We are grateful for any assistance with the development of cardiac surgery center.

Kira Dzafarova

Director of the Foundation "Development of cardiology and cardiac surgery"


[email protected]