“Save the Heart” project was born in a difficult time of war in Ukraine in 2014.

In Kharkiv Center for Cardiac Surgery the cathode-ray (X-ray) tube, which is a key mechanism for angiography, broke down. The resourse in the tube was exhausted, it was impossible to repair it.
The Center team appealed to a group of volunteers for help. As a result, in a short period of time, the problem has been resolved and more than 40 thousand euro was collected.

Implementation of the first task of the Center was the beginning of a long story of cooperation between Kharkiv Center for Cardiac Surgery and a team of volunteers. It was decided to develop the project “Save the Heart” and do not stop on the achieved goals.

We are socially active, open to dialogue and to provide any assistance that will bring us and our children to the European values, the European level of service of medicine.

Today, we are helping our native city of Kharkiv, tomorrow we will be ready to help other institutions and cities.
We are able to recognize the needs of medical centers, we are able to understand each other without Facebook and phones, to connect those, able to help with those who need help, we are able to organize the support that is necessary today for each of us. After all, helping others, we are saving our souls, we feel our necessity, – first of all for our country.

We are waiting for your help and donations.
If you wish to contact us, use the contact form.
If you want to help – see our projects . Together, we can save thousands of lives .