Thanks to Mum&fun!

Thanks to Mum&fun!

Thanks to Mum&fun! We now have the best muslin diapers in the world. May their warmth and softness help the kids to recover.

Thanks to everyone

Thanks to everyone who brought us children’s books, coloring books, pencils, markers, soap bubbles and balloons.

Cyril came for a scheduled inspection

Cyril came for a scheduled inspection

Today Cyril came for a scheduled inspection. He talked about how he plays with his older brother, participates in various plays and productions, that he was a mosquito in Mukhe-Tsokotukha. 4 years ago it was our first Fontaine (after the author of the operation). Cyril was born with a complex combined heart disease – a transposition of the main vessels, a defect of the interventricular septum and, not fulfilling his function, the right ventricle. For two weeks a small man “hung” between Heaven and Earth. He invested so much energy, knowledge, faith and kindness of the team that we won. We are so glad to see you, Cyril! Do not be ill any more!

Weekly trip Novick Cardiac Alliance has ended.

The week-long (4-day holiday due) trip ended Novick Cardiac Alliance. The alliance team shared with us their experience and knowledge. Eight children with congenital heart defects were operated on. Six of these children under the age of one year. Boundless thanks to everyone who took part in this process. And many thanks personally to everyone who transferred donations to the Fund for the Development of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery. We exist for the people’s money. Budgetary financing in a public institution The Institute of General and Emergency Surgery. Zaitseva Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine almost none.

Anechka. 4 years

Anechka. 4 years. Mother did not see even once. Grandmother is 76 years old and she is engaged in two more children of her disobedient daughter. To say that the family is poor is to say nothing. The child has never tasted meat in his life. Her month nursed in the department. Everyone who could bring food, clothes, toys. After a couple of weeks the child began to smile. Now willingly goes to the hands of those who played with her. The operation on the heart for the congenital malformation was successful. Tomorrow’s for an extract. Thanks to all who helped with money to purchase everything necessary for the operation and the postoperative period.

Save little hearts.

Every year about two hundred children are born with congenital heart defects in Kharkiv region.

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